"Our wines are all produced using indigenous grape varieties of Galicia, the northwestern region of Spain, undiscovered by most, a revelation, its rugged terrain and varied climate produces very surprising results."

Welcome to Taste of Galicia

We are a specialist importer of Galician wines, the northwestern autonomousregion of Spain.

Every single visitor to Galicia be they from abroad or Spain itself is amazed by this region which

is unique in so many ways, such as the lush green and rugged landscape which is such a contrast

to the rest of the mainland, it has more beaches and linear kilometers of coastline than any other

part of Spain, with 117 Blue Flag beaches ( almost a quarter of Spain's total of Blue Flag beaches ),

Galician food or cuisine is probably what the rest of Spain most admires about this region, from

Empanadas ( meat or fish pies ), cocido Gallego ( Galician Stew ) to one of the worlds most

appreciated shell fish from the Rias Baixas.

One can say that practically the entire global production of Albarino white wine which is the perfect

match for shell fish and sea food emanates from this tiny region.

Of the Spanish wine regions, our wines represent the five Denominations of Origin of Galicia, which

are comprised of  Rias Baixas, Ribeiro, Ribeira Sacra, Monterrei and Valdeorras. All the wines are

produced using autochthonous grape varieties, as yet undiscovered by way too many people, these

wines are a revelation.

Galicia has more micro climates than you can shake a stick at, this as well as its terroir and

dedicated bodega owners produces very surprising results.

Taste of Galicia has on an exclusive basis the organic production from this region consisting of

the only Albarino Rias Baixas, the Godello Ribeira Sacra and the two Mencia wines from Ribeira Sacra.




Thank you very much from Taste of Galicia.