Corisca Organic Albariño

Corisca Organic Albariño

The ONLY Organic Albarino from the Rias Baixas, with
an authentic straw yellow colour with hints of green; clean
and brilliant.

Tasting notes: This wine stands out due to its freshness,
balanced and full of fruit, apples and grapes, fresh and
lengthy finish. Sincere expresive clean aromas with rich
hints of white fruits, ripe grape and minerals.

Vinification: Manual harvest in 20 kg. boxes. No use of yeast.       

Food match: Any and all seafood, shell fish, the absolute perfect match.

Vegetarian: Ratatouilles, vegetable gratins, dishes with rich creamy sauces, pulses.

Suitable for vegetarian and Vegan consumption.



2011 Finalist of the New Wave Spanish Wine Awards, London chaired by Tim Atkin.

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